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SLEBSmall, Local and Emerging Business (Alameda, CA)
SLEBSteel Laminated Elastomeric Bearing (construction)
SLEBSt. Louis Electrical Board (Missouri)
SLEBState Law Enforcement Bureau (various states)
SLEBSubepidermal Low Echo-Genic Band (dermatology)
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You don't need a degree in psychology to conclude that the station is desperate to force ASOP out of the schedules to accommodate even more slobbering slebs uttering totally inane observations, and the controller will disrupt the listeners' pleasure in any way he sees fit.
It opened in 1997 and was synonymous with slebs in the late 90s attracting the likes of Kate Moss, the boys from Blur, the girls from All Saints and many of Liam Gallagher's violent outbursts at the paparrazzi happened outside the club.
IN a world where slebs are protected by an army of PRs, managers, agents and security, it's nice they can't hide everything from us.
The slebs work as a team: Rufus probably knows the most about pop, Jenny's your 70s girl, Nick's on sport and Mich could choose soaps.
CALLING the BBC people in charge of signing slebs for Strictly Come Dancing - Jarvis Cocker wants to do it.
The lads and other slebs like Debra Stephenson and Donal MacIntyre will be experiencing different prisons all over the world.
Eight slebs are given a crash course in baton waving with the winner getting to conduct the BBC Concert Orchestra at the Last Night Of The Proms.
So here we have two teams - one made up of Slebs and the other made up of the great unwashed - answering questions from opposite ends of the greasy pole of fame.