SLINSelect in
SLINSolicitation Line Item Number (US VA)
SLINSub-Line Item Number
SLINSub-Contract Line Item Number
SLINSpring Littoral Index Netting (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources; Canada)
SLINSigned Linear Audio
SLINStandard Line Item Number
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Many contracts since the IUID requirement was implemented have not properly structured the CLINs, SLINs, or ELINs, and that leads to issues when items are delivered, particularly when invoices or acceptance are requested via wide-area workflow (WAWF).
There will be no requirement, however, for the contractor to accumulate costs by CLIN of SLIN or to bill financing payments by CLIN of SLIN for military equipment valuation purposes.
And finally, for tagged contracts, the contracting officer will write separate CLINs or SLINs for each item.
The PCO, or the ACO acting on the PCO's behalf, may modify the contract to list ST/STE as SLIN items if they are to be delivered, with their UIDs.
Most importantly, the CLIN structure must be organized to identify all end-items, either at the CLIN level, or with SLINs for more complex situations where different end-items are to be delivered within a lot.
When the contract is finally negotiated and awarded, the PCO should work with the contractor to extend the CLIN structure as necessary, using informational SLINs if needed, and enter known UID and valuation references.
In the case of a lot buy, SLINs may be needed to segregate dissimilar items with their UIDs and associated values, although these will not affect payment.
The cost-effective, compact, open-frame construction of the SLIN Series makes these converters ideally suited for an array of state-of-the-industry, high-current microchip designs requiring dense inter-board spacing.
To learn more about the SLIN Series of DC/DC converters visit, Bel Power SLIN converters or www.
Pricing for the SLIN Series, in quantities of 10,000, is $4.
Except for historical information contained in this news release, the matters discussed are (including information regarding the Bel Power SLIN Series of POL Converters) forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties.
50 (includes not to exceed SLINs for anticipated growth work totaling $185,000)