SLVRSmall Launch Vehicle Research (US NASA)
SLVRSubmarine Low Frequency/Very Low Frequency VMEBUS Receiver
SLVRShaver Lake Vacation Rentals (California)
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Emani noted that the SLVR approach is highly customizable based on each individual child's unique heart anatomy.
As the minimalist brand SLVR and the more mainstream Adidas Originals gear up for a true push into the American market, Surface caught up with Schonberger while he was visiting his design team in Portland.
pounds 10 from each pounds 149 red Motorola SLVR sold will go to the star's Global Fund.
If you don't want a cute and cuddly phone, there's also the super-thin SLVR (sliver), which looks more tailored to business people on the move.
Available immediately from the Coveroo website are designs for the Blackberry Bold, Curve, Pearl, Storm, and 8830 World Edition; the Motorola SLVR L7 & L6, RAZR, V180, V220, U6, and Rapture; the Samsung U410, U340, A737, Omni, SCH-A777 and Alias; the LG CU515, CU920, Decoy, Shine, Dare, Incite, and Invision; the HTC Dash and Touch; the AT&T Quickfire; the Nokia 6550; and the Pantech C630.
Many of Motorola's PoC-capable handsets, including the SLVR, have been designed to support the OMA feature for carriers using the company's server solution.
Ten pounds from each pounds 149 red Motorola SLVR sold will go to the star's Global Fund.
Mobile Music is currently available on Cricket's 3G devices, including the Motorola ROKR, KRZR, SLVR and RZR2; and Samsung JetSet, r610 and r500.
Thankfully, Adidas is launching their new SLVR line, fashionably not only eliminating the vowels, but also pushing towards a more refined look.
According to the company, the Motorola L2 incorporates the ultra-thin design of the Motorola SLVR.
Motorola had the best-looking gear, notably the wafer-thin SLVR V8 (pictured left and right), basically a non-clamshell version of the stunning V3.