SLWAState Library of Western Australia
SLWASummer Lake Wildlife Area (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)
SLWASave Lake Weir Association (Florida, USA)
SLWASlot Leaky-Wave Antenna
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Even the land surrounding the river was not spared as 37 percent of it has been infected with salmonella, according to the SLWA.
Cusick declined to share details of the financial arrangement between the NLC and SLWA, but said SLWA does pay the organization for its backing.
The gift book Baby ways was devised, written and produced by SLWA featuring photographs of culturally diverse Western Australian babies.
The SLWA provides resources, training and ongoing support to library staff who work with community child health staff to deliver the program.
The kits are provided to the community child health nurses by the local libraries, who monitor stock and order the kits from the SLWA.
Training and support for librarians and community nurses is provided formally and informally by the SLWA.
The marketing arrangement is a hallmark of how SLWA operates its residential water and sewer line warranty programs.
In exchange, SLWA either pays the cities 10 or 12 percentage of annual warranty premiums or, as in North Little Rock's case, applies a discount to enrollees' annual rates.
SLWA buys a mailing list from a list vendor, sends promotional mailings and monthly or yearly bills and hires local contractors to make needed repairs.