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SMACSid Meier's Alpha Centauri (game)
SMACSorbitol MacConkey Agar (clinical microbiology laboratories)
SMACState Maximum Allowable Cost (pharmacy)
SMACSecond Mitochondria-Derived Activator of Caspases (apoptosis; hematology)
SMACServicio de Mediación, Arbitraje y Conciliación
SMACSpacecraft Maximum Allowable Concentration
SMACSouthern Maryland Athletic Conference
SMACSouthern Michigan Adventure Club
SMACSmac MAC Address Changer
SMACSupramolecular Activation Complex
SMACStudent Movement Against Cancer (Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School)
SMACShipment Mobility/Accountability Collection
SMACSequential Multiple Analyzer Computer
SMACShielded Metal Arc Cutting
SMACSafe Money and Credit (SMAC Vault, Inc.)
SMACSource Media Access Control (Cisco)
SMACSecurities Movement and Control (stocks and bonds transactions accounting)
SMACSimulation Model of Automobile Collision
SMACSuppliers and Manufacturers in Automotive Collaboration
SMACState Mapping Advisory Council
SMACShenandoah Marlins Aquatics Club (Waynesboro, VA)
SMACSunday Morning After Church
SMACService Center Mainframes Accelerated Consolidation
SMACScene Matching Area Correlator
SMACSuspect Material Action Committee
SMACStudents for a More Accessible Campus (University of Rhode Island; Kingston, RI)
SMACSensor Media Access Control Protocol
SMACSingle Manned Attack Craft (Space Master RPG)
SMACSupplier Management Awareness and Commitment
SMACSimple Media Access Control Protocol
SMACSit Meum Auxilium Christus (Latin: Christ Be My Help; epigraphy)
SMACSolow, Minhas, Arrow, Chenery (production function authors)
SMACSane's Monthly Algorithms Challenge (computer science)
SMACSpecific, Measurable, Achievable, and Challenging (objectives)
SMACSport Martial Arts Championship
SMACSimple Mastectomy with Axillary Clearance
SMACScaled Modal Assurance Criterion
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The 25mm motor used in the front joint (PIP) is a servo "partial" motor and equipped with an SMAC rotary encoder with 15.
Founded in 1990 in Carlsbad, California USA, SMAC has now grown to become a world leader in Moving Coil technology and is now the largest manufacturer of Moving Coil Actuators in the world.
27 June 2014 - UK branded fashion clothing company SuperGroup Plc (LON:SGP) said today it had taken over its Denmark-based long-term distributor SMAC Group, comprising SMAC A/S, SMAC Retail A/S and SMAC Norge A/S.
Selon la loi le SMAC sera 35 fois plus grand que le SMIC (seuil minimal de croissance) d'un employe de troisieme degre professionnel.
The concentrate sample was plated onto CT SMAC and O157:H7 ID medium (bioMerieux, Marcy l'Etoile, France).
This investment is part of Pfizer Ventures' overall strategy to finance emerging companies discovering and developing promising treatments for unmet medical needs, so we're very pleased to join TetraLogic and its investors to support its efforts to advance SMAC mimetics as potential new treatments for cancer," said Elaine Jones, Ph.
SMAC Data Systems (SMAC), a leading manufacturer of Intel(R)-based web servers, announced today that MasterIT from Computer Associates International, Inc.
With a spending limit of $200,000,000 over the two year life of this award, SMAC should become well established as a brand name in the Federal IT marketplace," said Ashok Mehan, president of the organization.
CA) and SMAC Data Systems (SMAC), a national computer manufacturer serving the needs of federal government agencies, announced today that SMAC will integrate CA's Unicenter TNG Framework, Enterprise Edition and Workgroup Edition solutions into its entire line of server and desktop products and will deploy Unicenter TNG to manage its internal IT assets, including its business-critical SAP R/3 system.
SMAC systems will carry the UNICENTERED certification, indicating that they have met the highest standards of manageability and integration with Unicenter management technologies.
s Federal Systems Division (FSD) announced Tuesday that SMAC Data Systems (SMAC) desktops, notebooks, and servers are now available on the NASA Scientific Engineering Workstation Procurement (SEWP) II program.
15, 1997--Unisys Federal Systems Division (FSD) and SMAC Data Systems (SMAC), Gaithersburg, Md.