SMAHSan Mateo Animal Hospital
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Figures 5 and 6 are the SEM micrographs of extruded blends containing 25% E-MA or E-MA-GMA in SMAH in the presence of hydrated zinc acetate.
It should be mentioned that in the micrographs of non-reactive blends, the dispersed phase is E-MA and the continuous phase is SMAH.
The complex viscosity, storage modulus and loss modulus of the E-MA-GMA and E-MA are approximately an order of magnitude lower than that of SMAH in the range of frequencies investigated.
In general, the slopes of G' and G" have the following order: E-MA-GMA Blends [less than] E-MA Blends (at the same concentration) [less than] pure SMAH [less than] pure E-MA-GMA or E-MA.
The zero shear viscosity of the non-reactive blends decreases monotonically between that of SMAH and E-MA.
This could be due to interfacial slip between the noncompatibilized SMAH and E-MA phases.
The order of melt elasticity is as follows: Pure SMAH [less than] 5% E-MA-GMA or E-MA [less than] pure E-MA-GMA or E-MA [less than] E-MA blends [less than] E-MA-GMA blends (at the same concentration).