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SMAPSoil Moisture Active Passive (US NASA)
SMAPSemantic Media Adaptation and Personalization (International Workshop)
SMAPSupervisor Mode Access Prevention (Intel)
SMAPShort Message Application Part
SMAPSimple Mail Access Protocol
SMAPShort and Medium-term Priority Environmental Action Programme
SMAPSport Music Assemble People
SMAPSystem Management Application Process
SMAPSoftware Management Assurance Program (US NASA)
SMAPService Management Access Point
SMAPStanford Martial Arts Program (Stanford University)
SMAPSoftware Management and Assurance Program
SMAPSafety Management Action Plan (USACE)
SMAPSecurity Management Application Process
SMAPSatellite Multicast Adaptation Protocol
SMAPSite Maintenance Action Plan
SMAPSequence Maximum A Posteriori
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Nous sommes certains que l'affluence et les decisions d'investissement refleteront cette tendance[beaucoup plus grand que], a annonce a cette occasion Samir El Chammah, president de SMAP Group.
In the end, SMAP will help us better understand how the water cycle works.
Fourteen years after the concept for a NASA mission to map global soil moisture was first proposed, SMAP now has formally transitioned to routine science operations," said Kent Kellogg, SMAP project manager at JPL.
The Alaska Satellite Facility's second role is distributing SMAP data to scientists.
High-resolution global maps of soil moisture produced from SMAP data will inform water resource management decisions on water availability around the Earth.
a talent agency that manages groups of male idols including the popular SMAP, is working on ways to attract more foreign fans and to encourage them to visit Japan.
The first edition of SMAP Expo Abu Dhabi, a leading global Moroccan real estate and lifestyle exhibition, is taking place from January 24 to 26 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.
In May of 2010 the TCC was taken to the seventh edition of the Moroccan Real Estate Fair in Paris (Salon Immobilier Maroccain a Paris, SMAP IMMO).
The EO-ERS lab at Masdar Institute has been recently selected by NASA as one of seven global pre-launch test sites for a new Earth observation satellite, SMAP, which is scheduled to be launched by NASA in 2014.
GRASS informacine sistema klasifikavimas atliktas taikant daugiaspektrius SMAP (sequential maximum a posteriori) ir MCL ("maximum likelihood" classifier) segmentavimo algoritmus.
Since June 2008, he said 8,097 users had been registered for SMAP Software and 4,210 users downloaded SMAP Accounting Package from SMEDA website.