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SMARTESTSimulation Modelling Applied to Road Transport European Scheme Tests
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You see me now with my back like a camel and by ribs all awry, but there was a time when Corporal Henry Wood was the smartest man in the 117th foot.
She was staying with Daria Alexeyevna, in an ugly little house in Mattrossky Street, but drove about in the smartest carriage in the place.
He told his mother--his MOTHER, mind you--that you were the smartest girl in school.
Her face might be a trifle paler, and the circles round her eyes a little blacker than usual; but whenever she came out from the sick-room she was always smiling, fresh, and neat, and looked as trim in her little dressing-gown and cap, as in her smartest evening suit.
Now, we were gliding down a smooth, broad stream, at the rate of eleven miles an hour: our colours flying gaily; our crew rigged out in their smartest clothes; our officers in uniform again; the sun shining as on a brilliant April day in England; the land stretched out on either side, streaked with light patches of snow; white wooden houses; people at their doors; telegraphs working; flags hoisted; wharfs appearing; ships; quays crowded with people; distant noises; shouts; men and boys running down steep places towards the pier: all more bright and gay and fresh to our unused eyes than words can paint them.
The ordinary sitting-room and bedrooms I left much as they were: for I knew Diana and Mary would derive more pleasure from seeing again the old homely tables, and chairs, and beds, than from the spectacle of the smartest innovations.
He is, in my judgment, the fourth smartest man in London, and for daring I am not sure that he has not a claim to be third.
With an average IQ of 104, Taiwan has moved up a slot this year from fourth to third on a list created by UK-based media company Alltime 10s titled "10 Smartest Countries in the World," overtaking rival Singapore in the process.
We aim to give our visitors a full overview of DJI's technology initiatives, which are focused on supporting our leadership's directives to make Dubai the smartest city in the world.
Were proud to represent such a substantial portion of some of the worlds smartest companies, said Mike Lincoln, chair of Cooleys global business department.
Checkmate -- Hunt for the Smartest Young Executive in the Middle Eastbrings together the brightest university students from across Middle East in a manner that brings out their intellect and acts as a stepping stone into the professional world.
UAE buildings, Latifa Maternity & Paediatric Hospital and City Centre Deira were also named at the event as the 'Region's Smartest Hospital' and the 'Region's Smartest Retail Facility,' respectively.