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SMARTSShips and MALS (Marine Air Logistics System) Automated Reconciliations Tracking System (Naval Supply Systems Command)
SMARTSSystem Management Arts (network management software)
SMARTSSamplilng Micro-Architecture Simulation
SMARTSSMILES (Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification) Arbitrary Target Specification (chemical nomenclature)
SMARTSSafety and Mission Assurance Requirements Tracking System (NASA)
SMARTSSupport to Management and Resources for Technical Services (US DoD)
SMARTSSpacecraft Mission Analysis Real-Time Simulator
SMARTSSABRS Management Analysis Retrieval System (US Marine Corps)
SMARTSSubject Matter Authority Resource Training System
SMARTSSurvivable Multimission Air Reconnaissance & Targeting System
SMARTSSupply Management Army Retrieval Techniques System
SMARTSSubscriber Maintenance and Remote Test System (Sprint)
SMARTSSt. Peter's Music and Arts (New York)
SMARTSSimulation, Monitoring, Analysis, Reduction, & Test System
SMARTSStart Manual Reporting And Tracking System
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Up a wide and ancient staircase the smart girl preceded Tom, shading the chamber candle with her hand, to protect it from the currents of air which in such a rambling old place might have found plenty of room to disport themselves in, without blowing the candle out, but which did blow it out nevertheless--thus affording Tom's enemies an opportunity of asserting that it was he, and not the wind, who extinguished the candle, and that while he pretended to be blowing it alight again, he was in fact kissing the girl.
The chair was an ugly old gentleman; and what was more, he was winking at Tom Smart.
Because I like it, Tom Smart," said the chair; or the old gentleman, whichever you like to call him.
inquired Tom Smart, rather staggered; though he pretended to carry it off so well.
Tom Smart was just on the point of protesting that he hadn't tasted a drop since his last birthday, but when his eye encountered that of the old gentleman he looked so knowing that Tom blushed, and was silent.
When the old rascal said this, he looked so extremely impertinent, that, as Tom Smart afterwards declared, he could have sat upon him without remorse.
I am very much obliged to you for your good opinion, Sir," said Tom Smart.
The light faded gently away, and Tom Smart fell back on his pillow, and dropped asleep.
Queer sort of thing, this," said Tom Smart, looking first at the chair and then at the press, and then at the letter, and then at the chair again.