SMASTSchool for Marine Science and Technology (New Bedford, MA)
SMASTShort Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
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Using SMAST as a screening instrument, among the total study subjects 73 (76%) patients were found to have no problems, 8 (8.
Seventeen (81%) patients who were breath positive also screened positive on SMAST but the other 4 (19%) breath positive patients screened negative on SMAST.
Two experiments were conducted during 20 and 23 February 2003 when the SMAST video pyramid was placed in a 341,000-L tank filled with seawater in the SMAST laboratory.
The data of 321 participants were examined for the analyses that used SMAST scores.
Anglo), and risk factor (CAST, FAD, HA, Nov Seek, Mentoring, SMAST, DT) differences in student retention.
As shown in Table 2, SMAST scores were positively correlated with alcohol consumption (r = .
One-third met criteria for DSM-III-R alcohol abuse or dependence within the past year or were identified as having alcohol problems on the SMAST.
Using the shell height/meat weight relationship from the combined SMAST dissection data, fishable biomass would be 78,456 tot with 19,614 mt available for harvest.
Researchers gave each participant the AUDIT and SMAST independently as well as reviewed the participant's medical record.
The SMAST sampling pyramid was deployed from the scallop fishing vessels (Fig.
For patients who preferred to speak Spanish, a translation of the SMAST was provided.