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SMEMASurface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association (Association of SMT board assemblers)
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The initiative was proposed by ASM Assembly Systems and Asys, which wanted to develop a new communication interface to replace the longtime SMEMA standard, which is considered obsolete.
The Chemistry and Properties of a Newly Developed Immersion Silver Coating for PWB Yung-Herng Yau, Chonglun Fan, Chen Xu, Anthony Fiore, Karl Wengenroth and Joe Abys Cookson Electronics PWB Materials and Chemistry, West Haven, IPC Printed Circuits Expo SMEMA Council APEX, Designers Summit 2004.
The mission of the IPC SMEMA Council is to further the competitive excellence and financial success of suppliers to the electronics assembly industry, specifically equipment manufacturers, and their customers.
the California Circuits Association, the PCB Presidents Council, the EMS Presidents Council, the Suppliers Management Council and the SMEMA Management Council.
Asymtek's conformal coating system has been independently tested and certified for compliance with relevant safety standards including SMEMA, CE, NFPA, and SEMI.
Following the SMEMA Council's decision to support the IPC show, most equipment suppliers hightailed it there.
Features side-to-side re-circulation, which enhances temperature uniformity, novel oven control software, a range of flux management options, advanced conveyor solutions and smart tracking SMEMA.
The conveyor is SMEMA (Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association) compliant with a fixed first rail and adjustable second, third and fourth rails.
Long; "High Speed Interconnects: The Impact of Spatial Electrical Properties of PCB due to Woven Glass Reinforcement Patterns" S18-5-1, IPC Expo/ SMEMA Council/APEX/Designers Summit 2004.
It is SMEMA compatible and can be configured with loaders to provide small island operations or complete in-line system solutions.
Standard features include handling PCBs from 50 x 50 to 330 x 250 mm, three-color light tower lamp with audible alarm, conformance to SMEMA standard 1.