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SMERSHSmert' Shpionam (Soviet Army Counterintelligence, WWII)
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The original connection with SMERSH during the massacre investigation is not obvious in my opinion.
In From Russia With Love, Donovan Grant, Chief Executioner of SMERSH, is a red-eyed psychopath who, on nights when the moon is full, cannot control his irrational killing impulses; once we accept that, everything is gravy and the story works.
The situation was souring and in early autumn 1918 Wilhelm left the Ukraine, only to return there to die in a Soviet prison thirty years later, having been kidnapped in Vienna by SMERSH, the Soviet military counterintelligence organization.
Besides, Frankenstein and his cronies in SMERSH would never allow Di to live in a truck.
The former USSR created a special organization called SMERSH, an acronym for "Death to Spies", to hunt down and destroy its enemies around the world.
He pointed out that Ian Fleming's original novel features Bond as an inexperienced agent sent to the French coast to tackle evil SMERSH crimelords.
Later, James Bond's SMERSH opponents were straightforward Soviet agents, servants of an enemy whose chief products were heavy industrial planning, falsified crop reports, and mass murder.
His evil instruments of totalitarianism are the SS and the NKVD, not SPECTRE or SMERSH.
It is uncertain which of the branches of the Soviet secret police he served in his early days-NKVD, NKGB, SMERSH --but each played a major role in some of the bloodiest atrocities and mass murders in human history.
I came to think of her as the SMERSH Lady because her looks, delivery, and utter conviction would make her the perfect enemy agent in a Bond movie.
When Ian Fleming wrote about James Bond for the first time in the mid-1950s, the enemy was represented by a Soviet intelligence organisation called SMERSH.
Major Svetlookov, the SMERSH officer, is one of Russia's demonic tormentors.