SMLDSouthern Maine Library District
SMLDScanMail for Lotus Domino
SMLDSingle Mode Laser Diode
SMLDSurface Mixed Layer Depth (oceanography)
SMLDSubject-Mounted Light Device (Parkinson's disease study)
SMLDSystem Metadata Logical Disk
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SMLD will be seeking vendor proposals for its battery array, which could keep the town's emergency facilities operating for up to 100 hours, depending upon the size of the system and a number of other factors.
SMLD, which serves approximately 3,700 customers, was ranked first in the nation earlier this year by the Solar Electric Power Association for providing more solar watts per customer than any utility in the United States.
The state-of-the-art HVAC system the SMLD is installing will go a long way in saving on heating and cooling costs, according to Sean Hamilton, Light Department manager.
Light department employees have completely rewired the entire building, including a new fire alarm and communication cables, while other SMLD employees have been working with Monty Tech and doing some finished carpentry work.
We are very excited to be receiving recognition for our solar program,'' said Sean Hamilton, general manager of SMLD.
Anyone can call me up to talk (978) 821-4274, or check out the SMLD website (www.
The SMLD and the Light Board are committed to full transparency.
We improved customer service, communication, and made it easier to work with the SMLD.
Light Board Member and Clerk Michael Rivers said, "The Light Board feels very strongly that Mr, Hamilton is the right person to lead the SMLD, and has just the right combination of technical expertise, management experience, work ethic, and personal temperament.
You must be eligible for the discount and you must pay in full, at the SMLD, by 3:30 p.
If you have any questions, call the SMLD customer service department at (978) 422-8267.
The seven union light department employees participated in informational picketing outside the SMLD building Thursday and will be out there with picket signs again this week, according to Richard L.