SMMSSendmail Mobile Message Server
SMMSSociedad Mexicana de Mecánica de Suelos (Mexico)
SMMSSpatial Metadata Management System (oceanographic research)
SMMSSocial Media Management System
SMMSSAR Mission Management System (Canada)
SMMSSudbrook Magnet Middle School (Baltimore, MD)
SMMSSouth Mountain Middle School (Allentown, PA)
SMMSSolution Monitoring and Management Services
SMMSScofield Magnet Middle School (Stamford, CT)
SMMSSouth Miami Middle School (Florida)
SMMSSoldiers Memorial Middle School
SMMSSprint Managed Mobility Service
SMMSSupport Maintenance Management System
SMMSShipbuilding Material Management System
SMMSService Manager Management System
SMMSShips Maintenance Management System
SMMSSteve McNabb Memorial Scholarship
SMMSSt. Martin Middle School (Mississippi)
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1) La referencia completa es: <<Avaluo de la imprenta y demas muebles que hay en ella>>, Sutro Library, San Francisco State Univesrity, SMMS, HG, 1:13 imprenta Abadiano 1800-1877.
PlumSlice, which expects to launch its SaaS offer in October, is another company getting ready to jump into the SMMS fray.
Since these changes were made in 2003, SMMS has not been observed at the PSFI.
The SMMS takes into consideration the supervisee's and supervisor's understanding of their identities and the roles of power and oppression, both within the supervisory relationship and in relationship to the client.
Four of the seven numbered music manuscripts presently in the Sutro Mexican Collection are discussed here: SMMS M1, SMMS M2, SMMS M3, and SMMS M5.
The SMMS has since been expanded from its DOS environment to a Local Area Network on three desktop PCs, which the CSOD purchased in 1992.
For Frontier Airlines, Sprinklr's mobile access and support, as well as robust reporting and analytics that can be automated and shared, were standouts from the other SMMS providers.
SMA indicates smooth muscle actin; HHF-35, muscle actin; SMMS, smooth muscle myosin-heavy chain; +, positive staining; +/-, usually positive; -/+, rarely positive; and -, negative.
The formal partnership with LinkedIn, combined with the recent admission to the Twitter Certified Products Program and membership in the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Program, makes Sprinklr the only exclusively enterprise-focused SMMS company in the world to have formal relationships with each of the "Big 3" social networks.
So we also started producing SS, SMS, SMMS fabrics for disposable hygiene diapers for kids along with medical applications.
The SMMS line has an installed capacity of 8500 tons per annum, thus increasing the overall spun-melt fabric capacity to 12,000 tons per annum.
Another investment this year came from Turkish nonwovens producer Bayteks, which produces PP spunbond, SMMS, PET spunbond and meltblown fabrics.