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SMNSummoner (Final Fantasy, gaming)
SMNServicio Meteorologico Nacional (Spanish: National Meteorological Service)
SMNSanta Maria Novella (church and main train station, Florence, Italy)
SMNSurvival Motor Neuron
SMNShaman (Mic-O-Say, Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America)
SMNScientific and Medical Network
SMNSmall Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Polypeptide N
SMNSociété Métallurgique de Normandie (French: Metallurgic Company of Normandy; 1912-1993)
SMNSociété Morbihannaise de Navigation (French cruise company)
SMNSystème Multilatéral de Négociation (French: Multilateral Trading System)
SMNShort Message Networks
SMNSociété Méditerranéenne de Nettoiement (French: Mediterranean Cleanup Corporation; France)
SMNSociété Marocaine de Nutrition (French)
SMNService de Métrologie Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Metrology Service; Belgium)
SMNSoftware Modification Notice
SMNSpace Mapping-based Neuromodeling
SMNSpot Market Network (Model)
SMNSenior Ministries Network
SMNSociété Musicale Normande (French: Music Society of Normandy; France)
SMNSmall and Midsize Network
SMNSignalisation Moléculaire et Neurodégénérescence (French: Molecular Signaling and Neurodegeneration; University of Strasbourg; France)
SMNStatic Mesh Network (Sprint)
SMNSociété de Maintenance et de Négoce (French: Society of Maintenance and Trading)
SMNSmoky Mountain News (North Carolina)
SMNShoot Me Now
SMNSimple Multicast Network
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SMN Power has a water desalination capacity of 98,000 m3/d.
SMN Web Services's clients benefit as Vendevor's Ecommerce platform provides the ability to seamlessly integrate payment options into web sites with one line of code and immediately accept credit card payments.
Meanwhile, SMN Power Holding has confirmed that it is in talks with the government-owned Oman Power & Water Procurement Co to extend its existing desalination plant.
Those OA positive animals which were treated with SMN showed remarkable reduction in the number of inflammatory cells infiltration and a normal thickness of the cartilage surfaces is observed (Fig.
SMN Power is a JV between UAE-based Kahrabel, a wholly-owned unit of International Power, Abu Dhabi fund Mubadala, and Oman-based National Trading Company.
SMN Power is a joint venture between Mubadala, UAE firm Kahrabel FZE and Oman's National Trading Co.
Using proprietary equipment and technology from Day4 Energy, SMN will quickly transition into manufacturing premium performance Day4 DNA solar modules with minimum capital investment.
The new molecule boosts the levels of SMN protein in cells by fixing a mistake in a cellular processing mechanism called RNA splicing.
An SMN "elder", 18-year-old "Sarge" who has been involved with gangs since he was 13, told us: "Gangs are a dangerous and scary place to be.
As a consequence, lower amounts of full-length transcript are generated from SMN2 than from SMN1, leading to a deficiency of normal, stable SMN protein (5, 6).
I entered the facility to ready it and receive SMN individuals on August 16 and did not leave the facility until August 21.