SMOASarasota Museum of Art (Florida)
SMOASuperfund Memorandum of Agreement (US EPA)
SMOASergeant Major of the Army
SMOAStrand Mounted Optical Amplifier (network amplifier)
SMOASingle Manager Operating Agency
SMOAShooters Minute of Angle
SMOASubordinate Memorandum of Agreement
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In addition to the ceiling projections, many of the guests, me included, are also admiring a balloon art installation created for SMOA with a special video produced by Ringling students Adrian Pumarejo, Corey Allen, Glenna Dame-Baker, Harrison Lemire, Josette Yarn, Kyle Kavanaugh, Mrak Orzechowski and Tammy Zeitler under the direction of faculty members Claudia Cumbie-Jones and Michael Wyshock.
It's SMOA president Wendy Surkis whose attention I seek, but this tiny woman is difficult to locate.
SMOA and Ringling School first joined forces a year ago to propose a creative reuse of the historic Sarasota High School into the "Visual Arts Education Center.
SMOA President Wendy Surkis reiterated the importance of joining forces and the enormous value it will create for the community.
Host a five-course dinner, hors d'oeuvres, Champagne & special wines for 20 people at SMOA.
SMOA, a division of Ringling College, is a 501c3 charitable organization.
To learn more about SMOA, which is a division of the Ringling College of Art and Design, go to ringling.
The renovated building will become Ringling College's Visual Arts Education Center, and SMOA will occupy 21,000 square feet on the second floor.
Any particular focus to the exhibitions SMOA will present?
It really gave people a preview of the depth and quality of what's going to be happening once SMOA is up and running.
SMOA was started in 2003 by 13 art patrons who felt Sarasota needed a museum of modern and contemporary art.
When a SMOA board member, Mark Kauffman, approached Thompson about the merger, "The easiest thing would have been to say no," Thompson says.