SMODSuper Mod (gaming, Half Life 2 modification)
SMODSerial Port Mode (Intel 8051 Microcontroller)
SMODSecondary Means of De-Energization
SMODSpace Monkies of Death (band)
SMODStaff Member On Duty
SMODSedimentable Mineral Organic Detritus
SMODStandard Mode of Dress (various schools)
SMODSingle Manufacturer One Design (boating)
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HISDESAT will lease five of SpainSat's X-band transponders and the Ka-band transponder to the SMOD, with the remaining eight X-band transponders and related steerable spot beams to be leased by XTAR for defense customers in the U.
We are excited to be contributing the IntexyS SMOD receiver to this innovative solution.
The outfits were created by graduate designers from the top schools in Europe, including Central St Martin's in London, Institutio di Design of Rome and SMOD from Paris.
If you own shares of SMOD and would like to discuss this investigation, or if you have any questions concerning this notice or your rights as a potential class member or lead plaintiff, you may contact: Arthur J.
SMOD transmitters and receivers are now available at data rates of 4 Gbps to 10 Gbps in packages of only 3x2 mm -- or roughly the size of a match head.
In data centers, server farms, supercomputers and large enterprise systems, SMOD products provide high port density at lower costs to provision bandwidth needs with greater economy.
SMOD transmitter and receiver modules are designed for flexibility, scalability and ease of use in networking systems and equipment, accommodating serial or parallel array communications and multiple protocols.
SMOD receivers combine an 850 nm photodiode and TIA electronics in a surface mount package, providing high density and high data throughput.
SMOD products are produced using a wafer-level approach with state-of-the-art surface mount technology (SMT) and full flip chip assembly processes to achieve the smallest form factor on the market: LCC6 package at 3x2 mm.