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SMTHSomething (IRC slang)
SMTHShui Mu Tsing Hua (bulletin board system)
SMTHSignalling Maintenance Testing Handbook (railway)
SMTHShui Mu Tsinghua (Beijing university)
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In terms of distribution channels, it has to be clarified that BDWM and SMTH, origins of the self-assessment's initial propagation, were not online forums exclusively used by students and alumni from Peking University and Tsinghua University.
SMTH will invest in NewSmith Llp, an investment fund run by asset management and advisory firm, NewSmith Capital Partners, through a UK subsidiary of Sumitomo Trust & Banking Company.
importance of SMTH, which holds the fifth largest amount of total assets
SMTB, based on the importance of SMTH which holds the fifth-highest
support, together with its holding company SMTH, as the country's largest