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SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol (internet email)
SMTPSmall Mail Transfer Protocol
SMTPStrategic Medium Term Plan
SMTPShift Manager Training Program
SMTPSource-Model Technique Package
SMTPSpeculative Multithreaded Processor
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IFC will advise SMTP on design of the new poultry farm and slaughterhouse, ensuring that the facilities meet the international health and sanitary standards required for meat exports.
The Accellion SMTP Satellite is available in either virtual or hardware appliance form factors.
If your server will no longer accept mail from a particular source, that same source can use any other SMTP server on the Internet as a relay; since the unsuspecting relay server is not a known generator of unwanted bulk e-mail, the messages get through the specific blocks and filters.
The basic SMTP software is widely available as open source, in fact, the Internet runs largely on Sendmail, which is also available as a commercial product.
With Easy SMTP marketers can connect securely through popular MTA's such as Microsoft Exchange, Sendmail, Postfix and SIM.
SMTP is actively engaged in the process to identify additional acquisition candidates and negotiate transactions which contribute increased cash earnings and can lead to increasing cash dividends for common stock holders.
Nasdaq: SYMC) announced on Monday (17 April) its integrated antispam, antivirus and content filtering solution for SMTP gateways - Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 5.
Other features of the SMTP service include SenderID/Sender Policy Framework (SPF) compliance, access to SMTP log files, API to access reporting data and the ability to group different types of emails.
SMTP chairman Semyon Dukach said, "Since our business is stable and growing, and we expect to earn quarterly profits into the foreseeable future, we intend to pay a quarterly dividend on a continuing basis.
The cost of Symantec AntiVirus for SMTP Gateways 3.
By using the JangoMail SMTP Relay, Gmail users will gain, for their person to person emails, additional data including open and click tracking, SMTP logging as well as participation in the Sender Score Certified Program.
According to SMTP, previously issued IP addresses carry their historical reputation and typically have questionable credibility.