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SMUSingapore Management University
SMUSouthern Methodist University
SMUSaint Mary's University (Halifax, Nova Scotia; Philippines)
SMUSolid (Waste) Management Unit
SMUSaint Mary's University of Minnesota
SMUSikkim Manipal University (India)
SMUSuomen Merimies-Unioni (Finnish: Finnish Seamen's Union)
SMUSindicato Médico del Uruguay
SMUStorage Migrator for Unix
SMUShanghai Maritime University (Shanghia, China)
SMUSanta Monica United (soccer; California)
SMUSwansea Metropolitan University (UK)
SMUSekolah Menengah Umum (Indonesian High school)
SMUSpecial Management Unit
SMUServices Médicaux d'Urgence (French: Emergency Medical Services)
SMUSouthern Mississippi University
SMUSpecial Mission Unit (US DoD)
SMUSystem Management Utility
SMUSmallest Mining Unit
SMUStart Me Up
SMUSoutheastern Massachusetts University (formerly used, now Umass)
SMUSource Measurement Unit
SMUStorage Management Utility (data storage)
SMUSpecial Make Up
SMUSelective Mining Unit
SMUSystem Managed Undo (Oracle Databases)
SMUSociedad Mexicana de Urología
SMUSediment Management Unit
SMUSupply Management Unit
SMUSassy Management Unit
SMUSmall Marching Unit
SMUSwitch Multiplexer Unit
SMUSecure Mobile Unit
SMUService Meter Unit
SMUScrutin Majoritaire Uninominal (French: Single Member Plurality)
SMUService Management Unit
SMUStrategic Market Unit
SMUSwitch Multiplex Unit
SMUSvenska Missionskyrkans Ungdomsförbund (Swedish Christian Youth Organisation)
SMUSecours Médical d'Urgence (French: Emergency Medical Relief; various organizations)
SMUStorage Management Unit
SMUSubscriber Module Urban
SMUSingle-Word, Multiple-Bit Upset
SMUSpeaker/Microphone Unit (US NASA)
SMUSoftware Maintenance Update (Cisco)
SMUSindh Madressah University (Karachi, Pakistan)
SMUSystem Master Unit
SMUShelter Management Unit (US FEMA)
SMUSmall and Medium-Sized Undertaking
SMUSpace Management Utility
SMUSimple Mail Users
SMUSystem Measurement Unit
SMUSpace Self Maneuvering Unit
SMUSecours Mondial d'Urgence (French: World Emergency Relief)
SMUSuper Module Unit
SMUSuper Millionaire University (fictional, from TV show Gilligan's Island)
SMUSmoke Me Up
SMUSpecial Maintenance Unit (India)
SMUSafe Mode Utility
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SMU was 4-6 in the regular season, and suffered its seventh loss on the final day of 1963 as the Ducks scored three times in the first half and then held on for a 21-14 victory.
Then in the summer of 1997, the Office of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety (RMEH&S) at SMU suggested that the university bring its disparate fire-safety efforts together.
Ayesha Riaz who warmly welcomed Salman Sufi and appreciated the groundbreaking reforms being introduced by SMU, says a handout issued here on Thursday.
Figure 2 illustrates a DC I-V test configuration for a MOSFET using a two-channel SMU (CHI and CH2).
SMU was grateful none of their students, faculty or police officers was injured.
He lettered in football at SMU from 1966-68, was a defensive back on the 1966 SWC Championship team and was a co-captain on the 1968 Bluebonnet Bowl championship team, which defeated Oklahoma 28-27.
An added feature of the SMU LOC serializer is that it can operate at cryogenic temperatures and has been tested down to liquid nitrogen temperatures of -346 degrees Fahrenheit.
Bender received support for travel to Mexico via a number of organizations that included the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at SMU, the American Chemical Society, the United States Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, ExxonMobil, and Sigma Aldrich.
Former Antelope Valley College quarterback Jerad Romo is part of a three-way battle for the starting position at SMU.
SMU also provided an authentic introduction to Bob Fosse when guest professor Ann Reinking used him in a suite of Fosse's jazz dances.
The course grew from a recognized need to train developers for the fast-growing game industry, says Peter Raad, managing director of the Guildhall at SMU and the 18-month certificate program.