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SMURService Mobile d'Urgence et de Réanimation (French)
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Since 1993 SMUR team became Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD].
Contract notice: Implementation of emergency transport on behalf of SMUR.
As an indication, the market is divided into phases, corresponding to the following markets: MS 1: WIFI coverage of the new pharmacy, SMUR and replacement of the WIFI coverage of the laboratory and towers A and B; MS 2: replacement of the WIFI coverage of the south building and tower C; MS 3: Replacement of WIFI coverage in other Services (Village, technical platform, radio, block, rea .
Mise disposition sur les sites d~intervention domicile du SMUR et la demande du Centre 15 SAMU dpartemental, d~ambulances de secours et de soins d~urgence.
Contract notice: framework agreement for the installation, training, maintenance of antares terminals as well as management of crypto periods for uas and smurs in the le-de-france region.