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In other respects the whole went off very quietly, for the old folks could not bear noise and merriment; but old Dame Snail made a brilliant speech.
The great white snails which persons of quality in former times made fricassees of, ate, and said, "Hem, hem
Here and there stood an apple and a plum-tree, or else one never would have thought that it was a garden; all was burdocks, and there lived the two last venerable old snails.
The old white snails were the first persons of distinction in the world, that they knew; the forest was planted for their sake, and the manor-house was there that they might be boiled and laid on a silver dish.
Black snails without a house--but they are so common, and so conceited.
At that second knock, a window on the third floor opened and the same Snail looked out.
Dear little Snail," cried Pinocchio from the street.
My boy," answered the Snail in a calm, peaceful voice, "my dear boy, I am a snail and snails are never in a hurry.
That brave little animal, the Snail, had taken exactly nine hours to go from the fourth floor to the street.
Won't you try, pretty little Snail, to free me from this terrible torture?
Why, oo'd never get the snail along, if oo hadn't somebody to hold on to his other horn
I tried to think of some good reason why "big things" should hunt foxes, and he should not hunt snails, but none came into my head: so I said at last, "Well, I suppose one's as good as the other.