SNALPStable Nucleic-Acid Lipid Particle
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ApoB SNALP is scheduled to enter a Phase I-II clinical trial later this year.
This agreement provides BMS with the opportunity to validate the function of certain cellular targets by using SNALP formulations supplied by Tekmira.
We believe this work justifies the immediate development of Ebola SNALP as a countermeasure to treat Ebola infected patients, either in outbreaks or accidental laboratory exposures," he said.
We continue to collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies thereby broadening the use of our leading SNALP delivery platform.
We believe Tekmira's SNALP is the leading lipid nanoparticle delivery technology and we are confident that Tekmira's research and manufacturing capabilities will help us to meet our product development objectives.
Data from this program were generated in collaboration with Tekmira, using their stable nucleic acid-lipid particles, or SNALP technology.
Alnylam also has the option to co-develop and co-commercialize Tekmira's PLK SNALP program being developed for the treatment of certain cancers.