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Nevertheless, if licensing becomes mandatory--an end Bolger and others suspect SNAME will seek--small boat designers could be penalized.
For example, one of the first calculations that the students must make, using the spreadsheet data provided by SNAME, is to determine the weight of their boat.
This drawing comes from the competition guidelines that are provided by SNAME and is associated with their example of how to calculate area and weight of a boat.
Additionally, the SNAME competition is designed to generate interest in the marine engineering career field.
Core of Intergraph Marine Enterprise, the Most Advanced Shipbuilding Technology, to Be Showcased at SNAME
Intergraph will be showcasing the Marine Enterprise portfolio at the 2006 SNAME Maritime Technology Conference & Expo and Ship Production Symposium, October 10-13, 2006 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
The SNAME Conference and Ship Production Symposium is the ideal venue for us to introduce Intergraph Marine Enterprise and the newest release of IntelliShip, and we are looking forward to sharing this new technology which will offer the world's leading shipbuilders an entirely new system for managing the ship lifecycle.
He has a very fine publication record in the area of computational fluid dynamics and the aerodynamics of sails, and chairs the SNAME Small Craft Sailing Panel.