SNANSignalling Not A Number (computing)
SNANSpinal Nucleus of the Accessory Nerve (anatomy)
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Diurnal variation in mean concentration of SNAN fractions in RD are shown in Figure 1.
2002b) reported that approximately 110 mg/L of SNAN was detected in omasal digesta of dairy cows supplemented with skimmed milk powder, which completely disappeared from nylon bags during the zero h washing procedure (Choi, 2002).
The SNAN data in the studies described above (Chen et al.
The present study, therefore, aimed to study the effect of soluble protein supplements on the concentration of SNAN in ruminal (RD) and omasal digesta (OD) of Korean native beef cattle fed rice straw and corn-based concentrate supplemented with different soluble proteins and to investigate diurnal patterns in the SNAN concentration in RD and OD.
Effects of protein supply from SH and WB on concentrations of free amino acids, peptides, soluble protein and total SNAN in the RD and OD are shown in Table 6.
Total SNAN concentrations in both RD and OD showed similar responses to the sum of free amino acids and peptides.
Increasing dietary protein level with protein supplements has been previously reported to enhance concentrations of SNAN fractions.
Previous experiments have reported that concentrations of SNAN were not different among diets supplemented with different types of protein supplements in RD (Chen et al.
2] added and the filtrate frozen at -20[degrees]C for SNAN analysis.
Data obtained from pH, ammonia N and profiles of VFA and SNAN determined at each sampling interval were analyzed with the MIXED procedure of SAS (2002) for repeated measures (Littell et al.
Dietary responses of soluble non-ammonia nitrogen : Effects of level and degradability of dietary protein on concentrations of amino acid, peptide, soluble protein and total SNAN in the RD and OD are shown in Table 5.
The level of protein in the diet positively affected the concentration of SNAN in both RD and OD.