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SNAPIStorage Network Architecture and Parallel I/Os (IEEE International Workshop)
SNAPISouthern Nevada Association of Pride, Inc.
SNAPISwitch Network Application Programming Interface (software)
SNAPISpecial Needs Application Programming Interface
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The SNAPI directory solutions offer case managers many benefits, including:
By integrating SNAPforSeniors' SNAPI database, health plans can take advantage of all the benefits listed above, which results in improved caregiver health outcomes, reduced medical claims and increased profits.
The SNAPI Web Service Platform offers enterprise class data services, training and support for IT teams large or small.
For more information on how the SNAPI database solution can help improve your business, download a free copy of the company's white paper at http://www.
All SNAPI software used in designs that implement Mindspeed's OC-48 RingMaker RPU can be migrated to the company's new M29955 RingMaker RPU offering.
With the availability of SNAPI tools, HP and other solution providers now have the ability to develop integrated solutions that together better address specific customer environments.
Specifically, without limitation, statements relating to 1) customer benefits from using the StorNext Application Programming Interface (API) or SNAPI v1.
The story reports that Microsoft is beta testing the second version of CAPI -- very similar in concept to SNAPI -- and adding support for more security features, but it has not committed to any platforms beyond Windows NT and Windows 95.
SNAPI is designed for high- and low-level security services that could be implemented in software or hardware and are used to manage cryptographic keys, store certificates and define security policies.
Netscape will demonstrate SNAPI at the RSA Data Security conference in San Francisco this week and will use it to verify users' digital signatures from smart cards (a credit card containing a microprocessor and memory used for user identification) through a reader machine.
Oracle also announced Remote SNAPI, which enables users to access the