SNATSSystems Network Architecture Transaction Service (IBM)
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SNATS hasn't changed, and those chapters can still be formed and operate separately from student membership.
Many are also keen to involve SNATS chapters, feeling that it is very important that students are excited about singing and learning to sing and that they should share their ideas and experiences.
You may not be aware that for seven years SNATS has had its own conference hosted by the Indiana School of Music, where graduate and undergraduate students present posters and lectures on topics of interest to them.
A SNATS chapter is an organization of students who can meet, hold events and discussions, participate, practice, and learn more about voice teaching as a profession.
I am happy to tell you that a new chapter of SNATS has just been organized at Baylor University .
In 2000 NATS initiated the creation of SNATS chapters.
Add to that the Emerging Leaders Program, Independent Teacher Fellowships, InterNos, SNATS, national workshops, national conferences, Discretionary Fund allocations, Classical Singer subscription subsidy, regional and district conferences and activities, chapter meetings and workshops, as well as all of the available online resources, and the real value of membership becomes even more evident.