SNBSwiss National Bank (est. 1907)
SNBSentinel Node Biopsy
SNBService New Brunswick
SNBShake and Bake (algorithm)
SNBSpecial Negotiating Body
SNBSingapore Nursing Board
SNBStratégie Nationale pour La Biodiversité (French: National Strategy for Biodiversity; est. 2004)
SNBService Nouveau-Brunswick (French: Service New Brunswick; Canada)
SNBSyndicat National de La Banque et du Crédit (French: National Bank and Credit Union)
SNBSport Nautique Bisontin (French water sports club)
SNBSyndicat National des Basketteurs (French: National Union of Basketball Players; est. 1988)
SNBSociété Nautique de Bandol (French: Bandol Boating Society)
SNBStrictly Non-Blocking
SNBSierra Nevada Brewing Company (California)
SNBSee Notes Below
SNBSurface Nuclear Burst
SNBStrengths/Needs-Based (Department of Human Services)
SNBSprawl 'n' Brawl (fighting tactic)
SNBSociété Nouvelle Boude (French public works company)
SNBStorage Network Backbone (Sandial)
SNBSella-Nasion-Supramentale (Cephalometrics, aka Point B)
SNBState Nursing Board (various locations)
SNBSchweizerische Nazionalbank (Swiss National Bank)
SNBSociété Nouvelle Barberot (French restoration company)
SNBSociété Nouvelle Bloch (French construction company)
SNBSociété Nouvelle Brunereau (French: New Company Brunereau; France)
SNBSection Noiséenne de Badminton (French badminton club)
SNBSports Nautiques Brevinois (French: Water Sports Brevinois; France)
SNBSaddle Node Bifurcation
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Oklahoma-based Bank SNB and its holding company, Southwest Bancorp, Inc (Nasdaq:OKSB), has said that it has done away with its chief banking role.
The Bloomberg monthly survey published on October 20 showed the SNB may intervene in the FX markets in order to stem the appreciation in the CHF in case the ECB expands its stimulus.
During the 40 months of the peg's existence, the SNB only had to intervene about 4 months to maintain the lower bound and prevent the Swiss franc from appreciating against the euro.
In particular, Swiss conservatives disliked the risk to which the SNB was exposed.
As such the SNB vowed to print large amounts of money and buy up foreign currency in order to maintain a reasonable level for the franc.
Many also saw the SNB discontinuing its minimum exchange rate as a big clue to the markets that it is expecting the ECB to now follow through and introduce QE (possibly even next week) .
Traders were caught unaware by the surprise decision of the SNB to eliminate the ceiling it had maintained on the Swiss franc's value, causing carnage in the forex trading market.
The SNB cannot make a profit distribution," it said.
SNB will highlight its best-in-class security and surveillance product portfolio mainly the CCTV solutions in addition to storage solutions, networking and video management software solutions.
Abdul Rauf Chougle, Group General Manager at SNB IT Distribution.
That's right: If anyone, anywhere, wants to exit their position in the troubled euro, no matter how large, the SNB will buy at a guaranteed price and hand over in exchange francs.
In addition to making CHF available to other central banks via swap facilities, the SNB also allows banks outside Switzerland to directly participate in its repurchase agreement transactions.