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SNCCStudent Non-violent Coordinating Committee
SNCCSafety National Casualty Corporation (St Louis, MO)
SNCCSystèmes numériques de contrôle-commande (French)
SNCCSpecial Needs Child Care (program)
SNCCSystems and Network Control Center (University of Wisconsin)
SNCCSouth-North Coordination Committee (UN; Korea)
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History of the SNCC Legacy Project and the Duke University Collaboration
The King Institute has also hosted public seminars and lectures featuring Black intellectuals and key figures from the civil rights movement, including some former SNCC leaders.
Two of the best-known civil rights organizations practicing armed self-defense were the Deacons for Defense and Justice, which was formally incorporated in Louisiana in 1965 with the explicit purpose of providing armed protection for civil rights activists, and the Lowndes County Freedom Organization (LCFO) of Alabama, a SNCC affiliate that renounced the national organization's nonviolent philosophy and helped inspire the formation of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in northern cities.
Philip Randolph, Bayard Rustin, Ella Baker, and the students of SNCC.
1966 As director of SNCC's NY office informs Farm Workers Association (later UFW) that SNCC supports Delano grape strike.
He turned out to be the SNCC voting-rights organizer Bob Moses.
In early June 1964, SNCC veterans began training volunteers who would live with black Mississippians while working on voter registration drives and teaching at freedom schools.
SNCC then sued the defendants in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana.
The women's movement can be traced to a memo written at a SNCC conference by Casey Hayden and Mary King, two white women who worked inside that mostly black organization, hut Barber suggests that the cool reception to the memo by black women in SNCC shows that Hayden and King misunderstood what was happening.
In 1964 he led the SNCC effort to enroll voters during the Mississippi Freedom Summer.