SNCDStudent Not Candidate for Degree (Washington University in St. Louis; St. Louis, MO)
SNCDSimple Normal Crossing Divisor (mathematics)
SNCDSupreme National Commission for Debaathification (Iraq)
SNCDStatic Normal Coordinate Deformation (biochemistry)
SNCDStudent Nurses for Clean Drinks (est. 2004)
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BMDLs were compared to the SNCD (specifically, [SNCD.
Figures 6 and 7 show the medians, as well as the lower 5th and upper 95th percentiles, for the extra and additional effects at the SNCD, respectively, using all included curves (n = 8,456) as the basis.
At the median, the SNCD differed between duplicates by a factor of 1.
En total se evaluaron dos pacientes con diagnostico de SNCD y cinco con SNCR.
Este estudio describe la experiencia con el uso del rituximab en siete pacientes con SNCD o SNCR previamente tratados con varios inmunosupresores (ciclosporina.
Dos de los pacientes evaluados tenian SNCD con enfermedad de cambios minimos en la biopsia renal; en ellos se observo una resolucion completa de la proteinuria seis meses despues del uso de rituximab; en varias publicaciones se ha demostrado este efecto a corto plazo; un estudio de no inferioridad en 54 ninos con SNCD comparo el uso del rituximab asociado a bajas dosis de esteroides e inhibidores de calcineurina con las dosis estandar de estos medicamentos; tres meses despues de una dosis unica de rituximab la proteinuria fue 70% menor en los pacientes que recibieron el medicamento comparados con los controles (1); Tellier y colaboradores (16) evaluaron la respuesta al rituximab en un grupo de 22 pacientes con SNCD o SNCR y hallaron respuesta inicial adecuada en el 86% de los casos.
There are many assumptions in the SNCD process that seem questionable, both as to effectiveness and as to acceptable levels of invasiveness.
An open-source social network of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization was monitored using SNCD, and it signaled a change in the organization prior to the September 11 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.
2011) we suggested that further development of the SNCD concept could involve the use of alternative target risks (e.
SNCD], > TEL indicates that low-dose extrapolation from the SNCD is required to reach the dose associated with the TEL (where UERSNCD/TEL measures the extent of extrapolation).
The SNCD approach, which is based on the lowest dose at which the signal can be reliably detected, warrants further development as a PoD for human health risk assessment.
The SNCD is defined as the dose at which the additional risk equals the "background noise" or some fraction (e.