SNCOSenior Non-Commissioned Officer
SNCOStaff Non-Commissioned Officer
SNCOStatutory Nature Conservation Organisation (UK)
SNCOScientific Notebook Company (Stevensville, MI)
SNCOStockbridge and New Town Community Orchestra (Edinburgh, UK)
SNCOSunriver Nature Center & Observatory (Sunriver, OR)
SNCOSeaport Navigation Company
SNCOSpecial Nature Conservation Order (UK)
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deck control supervisor, dam supervisor, special quarters supervisor, security clerk, and control center supervisor Staff sergeant Counselor, mail chief, SNCO Career Distance (SSgt/E-6) training chief, custodian, Education Program.
Staff Sergeant Matthew Chapman, Second-in-Command, General Platoon, Theatre Equipment Support Battalion (4 Close Support Battalion REME), said: "Sergeant Kups was a robust SNCO, always standing up for his beliefs no matter what the opposition or confrontation.
Additionally, the CEM was a logical choice because it got the CEM engaged quickly in the squadrons where a solid network of SNCOs existed to cross-flow information.
I must admit that I didn't fully understand the true meaning of what that SNCO said until several years later.
One of the SNCOs was not happy with the slow pace and directed the Marines to pick up their pace.
I have a few former SNCOs in the SFS and tell them to look to you (as well as their SFM) as often as possible for mentorship opportunities.
As critical components of the Air Force's ability to project airpower, SNCOs have a great deal of experience and leadership ability that they use to leverage resources and personnel against a variety of mission requirements.
When they see a photo of a SNCO or any AF member, for that matter, in Airman magazine, they assume a staff member has verified that members photographed are in compliance with AF instructions.
They provided three designated drivers for the 2 BW annual SNCO induction ceremony--ensured a safe ride home for all.
Air Force impact, joint and coalition support in deployed AOR, and a wing leader all culminated in his selection as AFSPC FM Superintendent of 2003 and Wing Staff Agency SNCO of the Year.
While deployed, he filled a one-deep SNCO position with astounding results.
This was not unusual since the SNCO was known as an "Internet junkie.