SNCRSelective Non-Catalytic Reduction
SNCRSociety for New Communications Research (Palo Alto, CA)
SNCRSystem for NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) Control
SNCRSierra Nevada Cash Register (various locations)
SNCRSatellite Network Cost Recovery
SNCRStatement of Nonavailability of Computer Resources
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The SNCR is a non-profit scientific research foundation that aims at focusing on advanced studies of the latest developments in the field of modern media and communication and their effect on traditional media, communications, culture and society.
The SNCR is meant to clean nitrogen oxides from the plant's emissions.
The Company also received awards for three additional SNCR projects: the first for a municipal waste-to-gas conversion facility in Canada; the second for a refinery unit in the eastern U.
Quality of urea shall be applicable for SCR and SNCR equipment.
Other contracts include an engineering study for NOx control technologies from a utility in Europe, a project in the Western US to demonstrate the application of SNCR technology, and several CFD modeling projects associated with the evaluation of SCR technology.
We are honored to recognize SDL through this awards program," commented SNCR Senior Fellow Paul Gillin, chair of the SNCR Excellence Awards committee.
th] Annual SNCR Symposium and Awards Gala, recently held at the Stanford Park Hotel in Palo Alto.
Rutgers University won a prestigious award at the 7th Annual SNCR Symposium and Awards Gala held Friday, November 9, 2012, for an unconventional test of identical press releases distributed with and without a photo.
The objective of the engagement is to achieve the output value of NOx emissions to a maximum level of 190 mg/Rm3 of each boiler rated output 161 MWt coal-burning fuel by combining the implementation of primary and secondary measures (using SNCR technology - for boilers K14 and K13 - assuming maximum use of existing SNCR technology installed, the boiler K12 will SNCR technology delivered new.
6, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Ashworth College is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of a 2011 SNCR Commendation of Merit in the Academic Division of the Society for New Communications Research Excellence in New Communications Awards program.
In this case the acquisition of the CFB boiler task SNCR system for retrofitting.
Furthermore, this technology approach synergistically integrates three mainstream nitrogen oxide (NOx) control technologies: combustion modifications, SNCR, and SCR into one cost-effective, high-performance NOx reduction solution.