SNCRSelective Non-Catalytic Reduction
SNCRSociety for New Communications Research (Palo Alto, CA)
SNCRSystem for NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) Control
SNCRSierra Nevada Cash Register (various locations)
SNCRSatellite Network Cost Recovery
SNCRStatement of Nonavailability of Computer Resources
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SNCR technology utilizes amine based reagent as reducing agent which does not influence the combustion condition significantly [2].
ISGEC), will see it reselling a Fuel Tech SNCR system as part of its scope of equipment supply to a third party.
To study the nature and components of SNCR in the Islamic banking sector;
Founded in 2005, SNCR brings to The Conference Board a portfolio of business publications, including thematic research reports, a peer-reviewed journal, a blog and case studies highlighting successful corporate communications practices.
El objetivo de este estudio fue describir la respuesta terapeutica de un grupo de ninos con SNCD o SNCR que recibieron tratamiento con rituximab y micofenolato mofetil (MMF) durante los anos 2010 al 2012, en el Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe (Medellin, Colombia).
The SNCR is a non-profit scientific research foundation that aims at focusing on advanced studies of the latest developments in the field of modern media and communication and their effect on traditional media, communications, culture and society.
The SNCR is meant to clean nitrogen oxides from the plant's emissions.
The Company also received awards for three additional SNCR projects: the first for a municipal waste-to-gas conversion facility in Canada; the second for a refinery unit in the eastern U.
The ADEC II System, which like ADEC I included both SCR and SNCR, but added a particulate trap, showed an 84.
Other contracts include an engineering study for NOx control technologies from a utility in Europe, a project in the Western US to demonstrate the application of SNCR technology, and several CFD modeling projects associated with the evaluation of SCR technology.
The SNCR technology is a proven solution as combustion unit owners look to comply with more stringent NOx control requirements.
The contract scope includes: the implementation of projects in all sectors, supply installation and installation of non-catalytic burner SNCR denitration, adjusting the necessary auxiliary equipment boilers and execution of construction and assembly work to achieve a reduction in NOx emissions.