SNCUStichting Naleving CAO Uitzendkrachten (Dutch: CAO (Collective Labor Agreement) Temporary Compliance Foundation)
SNCUSick Newborn Care Unit (India)
SNCUSpecial Neonatal Care Unit (infants)
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During the study period, 1016 neonates were admitted in SNCU.
Most of the babies admitted in SNCU were preterm 658 (64.
The pattern of babies admitted in SNCU (male/female and Preterm/term) is in concordance with National Neonatal Perinatal Database (NNPD) and other studies of rural India.
The Medical Superintendent has reportedly stated that every month, they admit at least 250 babies in the SNCU and there was a need for more hands to cope up with the high number of patients.
Under the National Rural Health Mission Scheme, state government plans to open atleast one such SNCU in every district where babies born with medical v will be trated.
However, opening of such SNCU have not yielded the desired results since the death rate of cribs have not reduced.
In Purulia, a poor and underdeveloped district of West Bengal with a high neonatal mortality rate, an SNCU was developed in the district hospital in September 2003 and is run by relocated staff from within the district.
The SNCU facilities provided controlled environment, individual warming and close monitoring devices, intravenous fluid and medications by infusion pump, central oxygen, oxygen generators, bedside procedures, e.
ESTABLISHMENT OF SNCU: The SNCU was established on 23.
The funding for the SNCU from NRHM has increased from 4.
Hence the Level III SNCU to be evaluated (UNICEF funded/ Govt.
All the SNCUs are situated just adjacent to or within 50 feet of the Labour room/ Operation Theatre except for the SNCU of District Hospital Ujjain, which is situated in a separate building nearly 150-200 meter far.