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SNDSociety for News Design (aka Society of Newspaper Design)
SNDSearch and Destroy (gaming)
SNDSisters of Notre Dame (religious order)
SNDSupply and Demand
SNDSociety of Newspaper Design (now Society for News Design)
SNDSinus Node Dysfunction
SNDSeek and Destroy (World of Warcraft online gaming guild)
SNDStatens Nærings og Distriktutviklingsfond
SNDSociété Nouvelle de Distribution (French film distribution company)
SNDSwedish National Data Service (Gothenburg, Sweden)
SNDEncoded Audio Format (file extension; Sun and NeXT machines)
SNDSanitary Napkin Disposal
SNDSynaptic Net Dive (Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII)
SNDSub-Network Dependent
SNDSerpent Night Dragon (gaming)
SNDStandardized Nomenclature Database
SNDSequence Number Difference
SnDStack and Die (World Of Warcraft, online gaming guild)
SNDScoutNet Deutschland
SNDSelected Natural Diamond
SNDStudents for Nuclear Disarmament (Canada)
SNDStatic No Delivery
SNDSemi-Noisy Deterministic (communications channel)
SNDSan Diego Imperial Corporation (former stock symbol; now delisted)
SNDSons of Northern Darkness (album)
SNDSud Numérique Distribution (French: Southern Digital Distribution)
SNDSunday Nite Dinner (blog)
SNDSociété Nouvelle Doresco (French: Doresco New Company; France)
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In addition to utilizing Social News Desk's social publishing tool, SND Dashboard, Heartland Media stations will also be using the company's integrated social display tool, SND On Air to power the live display of social content on its TV stations.
a-f above, the SPLM-N a) is ready to accept that all political matters related to the Two Areas be resolved through and within the SND, b) in this case, it is ready to enter into a COH agreement with the GoS, and stop the fighting in the Two Areas until the implementation of agreed CSA c) not compromise the possibility for the SPLM/A-N to resume its military operations, d) the SPLM-N would then implement any CSA once the SND produced political outcomes it considered acceptable, and e) the SPLM-N would honour the above, relating not only specifically to the Two Areas, but also to peace in Sudan as a whole, particularly in Darfur.
Hence, the present study aims to achieve the nitrogen removal from MCW which contains a low C/N ratio via SND without external carbon sources for denitrification using a biofilm filtration system which was optimized with respect to i) nitrogen loading rate (NLR), ii) an appropriate position of air-diffuser, and iii) an aeration rate for SND.
This is the first SND conference in Europe in 15 years.
I'm proud for SND to be involved in this event," said Rob Schneider, Society for News Design president.
Four Signs of a Healthy Spirituality: Wonder, Love, Courage and Playfulness July 12-14, Melanie Svoboda, SND Last Things First August 19-25, Rosina Bechard, FCSCJ.
Jain oma otsusele kindlaks (Eesti Rahvaluule Arhiivi kasikirjade kogu (ERA, KK) 319, 67 < Otepaa < Novosibirski obl, Estono-Semenovka k < mees, snd 1921).
Camilla Burns SND, Professor of Biblical Studies, Liverpool Hope University
THE XBox 360 has become THE console for hardcore gaming snd serious games addicts.
Sironi (2001) is unique in exploring European (EU) banks' SND issues (covering 17 countries); however, his pan-EU country-level perspective clouds the potential richness of the conclusions.
I soon recognized in this new book the distinctive SND charism with which I am so familiar.