SNDPSustainable Development Networking Programme
SNDPSamoan National Development Party (Samoa)
SNDPShree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam
SNDPSurvivable Network Design Problem
SNDPSpecial Needs Diversionary Program (Texas)
SNDPSoftware Engineering Artificial Intelligence Networking and Parallel Distributed Computing (International Conference)
SNDPSixth National Development Plan (1991-1995; Zambia)
SNDPSustainable Net Domestic Product (economics)
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Deviating from past SNDP administrations, the Romanow government only committed to craft labour legislation built on "consensus" for the "harmonious functioning of labour relations in Saskatchewan.
The remaining seat of the 45 contested Sunday is still undetermined with candidates from the SNDP and the USDP still locked in a very tight race.
A re-look is now needed perhaps at the BJP-SNDP alliance as it fails miserably in Cherthala municipality (in Alapuzha district of former CM AK Antony belongs) where SNDP leader Vellappally Natesan has a sway, the BJP-SNDP Yogam alliance did not make the expected gains.
Les choses semblent s'accelerer et le detail de cette decision serait en train d'etre concocte ce samedi entre les murs de la societe Agil ou SNDP.
Last December when the SNDP leader launched BDJS to unite 'all Hindus' under its umbrella, the incongruity of the move would have left Natesan's spiritual guru - 19th century Ezhava social reformer Narayana Guru - turning in his grave.
If BJP leaders, national as well as from state, are to be believed, the party has already clinched a deal with the backward caste Ezhavas who have so far been organised under the historical Shree Narayan Dharma Paripalan Yogam, popularly referred to as SNDP Yogam.
Recently addressing Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi celebrations organized by the SNDP Yogam in Kerala's Alappuzha, she said, "The Hindu community should protect their daughters from the bad influence of non-believers.
Les bons d'essence accordes a des agents de l'Etat eligibles a cette mesure seront remplaces par une carte petroliere intelligente, nous a indique le directeur central de l'exploitation et de la commercialisation des produits petroliers a la SNDP (Agil), Lahbib Mlawah.
SNDP was created in 1975 out of Agip Tunisia, which originally used to be part of the Italian energy group ENI.
Il a affirme que les problemes de la societe en question sont d'ordre structurel et financier, dont notamment un deficit budgetaire, une augmentation des dettes de la societes aupres de la CNRPS et la SNDP, la degradation de l'infrastructure, l'anciennete des equipements, les recrutements arbitraires et abusifs.
According to the latest data provided by SNDP to Africanmanager, the turnover of the company reached 62 million Tunisian dinars (MTD) against 49.
The Nair Service Society and the SNDP with their separate caste base of Hindus are rivals for power sharing.