SNDSInternational Conference on Security in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
SNDSSmart Network Data Services (anti-abuse website)
SNDSSudden Northwood Death Syndrome
SNDSScience Networking Development Scheme (est. 2001; Britain and Israel)
SNDSSociety for Newsdesign Scandinavia (Denmark)
SNDSSuge Når Det Skjer (Norwegian: Sucks When That Happens)
SNDSStock Number Data Section
SNDSStructural Narcotics Detection Service (Lakeside, MT)
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The bipolar depression SNDS is supported by data from a Phase 3 clinical study of children and adolescents (10 to 17 years of age), in which Latuda was associated with statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvement in depressive symptoms compared to placebo and was generally well-tolerated with few effects on weight and metabolic parameters.
Drugs approved via NDS and SNDS routes can be classified as either
By contrast, the number of follow-on Me Too SNDS and First
scope of uses and chemical derivatives permitted under the SNDS stream.
to the SNDS approval stream is very large, as is the pool for other
basis of SNDS submissions and follow-on drugs, (104) constitutes the
patents that form the basis of SNDS submissions and follow-on drugs.
becomes the basis of SNDS submissions and follow-on drugs, constitutes
To obtain the most recent prospectus, please click here SNDS Prospectus.
Exchange Traded Concepts, LLC serves as Investment Adviser to SNDS, while Index Management Solutions, LLC serves as Sub-Adviser.
Companies invested in the development of Canada's oil sands stand to be key beneficiaries of these trends," explains Derek Gates, CFA, founder of Sustainable Wealth Management, the index provider for SNDS.
The FDA and Health Canada's swift approvals of our sNDA and SNDS qualifying ANSTO to supply LEU-derived Mo-99 for our TechneLite([R])generators signal international recognition of the challenges facing the healthcare industry and patients in need of important diagnostic tests.