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SNESony Corporation (stock symbol)
SNeSupernovae (astronomy)
SNESyndicat National de l'edition (French Publisher's Association)
SNESociety for Nutrition Education
SNESpecial Needs Education
SNESociedad Nuclear Española
SNESeconded National Expert (EU)
SNESalon National de l'Environnement (French: National Environment Show; Canada)
SNESynthetic Natural Environment
SNESyndicat National des Ecoles (French: National Association of Schools; est. 1962)
SNESyndicat National des Enseignants (French: National Union of Teachers; Luxembourg)
SNESystems and Network Engineering
SNESouthern Nuclear Engineering, Inc.
SNESector North-East
SNESoldier Network Extension (US DoD)
SNESpecial Network Equipment
SNESevere Noise Environment
SNESocial Network Exposure
SNESalaried Non-Exempt (employment)
SNEScents of New England (candle website)
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But she says she recognises the problem SNE has highlighted.
Le dispositif de pilotage et de suivi du processus de formulation de la SNE se compose de trois comites, a savoir un comite politique (COPOL), un comite de pilotage (COPIL) et un comite technique (COTEC).
The SNE is part of the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 2 mobile network that enables Soldiers operating in remote and challenging terrain to maintain voice, video and data communications while on the move.
According to the needs of the SNE, presented by the French society EDF, a partner of the SNE, the Congolese authorities have problems with the distribution of power.
Several research trawl surveys occur in SNE waters and have provided consistent signals of abundance since the early 1980s.
More details on SNE Research and their reports can be found at http://marketpublishers.
La SNE permettra l'application des dispositions de la nouvelle Constitution et la mise en ouvre des engagements du programme gouvernemental.
These requirements formed that basis of the WIN-T SNE.
2 million for SNE Systems, an American producer of software for sorting and handling systems.
His unique understanding of the social media marketplace, combined with his technology and financial expertise will help position ideaEDGE to reach its full potential as we move forward with the development of the SNE Gift Card platform.
LHWs are the backbone of Health Department and as such an SNE has also been moved to the finance department to give pay scales and service structure to LHWs.