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SNEAKSnarkles.Net Encryption Assortment Kit
SNEAKSouthern New England Agility Klub (Connecticut)
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It is the only way of dealing with diffident, easily embarrassed characters, and with some slight manual aid I presently got her placed just where wanted her to be, that is, between my desk and the window, where she was screened from the rush of the second division, and where no one could sneak behind her to listen.
She carries an obsolete "barbette" conning tower--a six-foot affair with railed platform forward--and our warning beam plays on the top of it as a policeman's lantern flashes on the area sneak.
Having ascertained that his assistance was not required Monsieur George, in his own words, "managed to sneak out of the town without being seen by a single soul that mattered.
I should have credit for this arrangement -- a far wiser one than that of La Fontaine and others, who reserve the impression to be conveyed until the last moment, and thus sneak it in at the fag end of their fables.
He may think he can sneak around because you're a woman and stall you.
A more perfect compound of the bully, coward, and sneak than Master Silas Brown I have seldom met with," remarked Holmes as we trudged along together.
The girl evidently dared not fire for fear of wounding me, but I saw her sneak stealthily and cat-like toward the flank of the attackers.
I have been shutting myself up and resting," said Will, feeling himself a sneak, but seeing no alternative to this evasion.
Where it could have walked boldly to the very sides of the sentries, it chose rather to sneak upon them, unseen, from the rear.
We can sneak in on them while they sleep--that is Greystoke, his wife, and that black scoundrel, Mugambi.
You lying yellow sneak, before I put a bullet in you.
And then the man whom Tarzan had seen drop them there turned to sneak from the room, but to his annoyance he found the exit barred by a tall, gray-eyed stranger.