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SNECMASociété Nationale d'Etude et de Construction de Moteurs d'Aviation (France)
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Snecma Safran is one of the world's leading manufacturers of engines for civil and military aircraft applications; and a specialist designer and manufacturer of rocket engines for launch vehicle and satellites.
The next-generation Snecma Silvercrest engine has a takeoff thrust rating of 11,000 lbs.
Country: FranceSector: Machinery/EngineeringTarget: Snecma's gas combustion safety businessBuyer: Alfa Laval ABVendor: Snecma SA, Safran SAType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
CFM and its parent companies, Snecma and GE, have reportedly invested heavily in the LEAP programme and spent over 15 years developing and maturing the advanced technology.
It is designed to answer ACJ operator demands, by proposing a dedicated team and support services package based on a flight hour rate to allow better planning for engine maintenance costs", says Philippe Petitcolin, CEO of Snecma.
Signed by RAM and SNECMA CEOs, the contract runs until 2018 and covers 36 Boeing 737NG of RAM's fleet.
Provider of components for aircraft and rocket engines Volvo Aero (STO:VOLVA) (STO:VOLVB) and the French engine manufacturer Snecma have signed an agreement, of an undisclosed amount, for components for the CFM56-7BE aircraft engine, the company announced on Thursday.
ISO 14001 certification also reflects Snecma Morocco Engine Services' constant focus on combining industrial growth and sustainable development.
As Snecma is building the aircraft in Russia for use in Russia, it needs to be able to certify the engine locally," said Mr McEneny.
Messier-Dowty, the Midlandsbased aircraft component manufacturer owned by French firm Snecma, has landed a multimillion deal with Boeing to supply the main and nose landing gear for its planned 7E7 Dreamliner.
Plasma propulsion, which was used first by the Russians 25 years ago to control the altitude of satellites, has recently been put into use by SNECMA Moteurs, a French aerospace engine constructor.
Presently, plasma propulsion is limited to small thrusters that provide satellites altitude control, but the French aerospace engine constructor, SNECMA Moteurs, Villaroche, France (www.