SNEPSyndicat National de l'Education Physique (French: National Union of Physical Education; est. 1944)
SNEPSyndicat National de l'Extrusion Plastique (French: National Union of Plastic Extrusion)
SNEPSyndicat National des Ecoles Publiques (French: National Union of Public Schools)
SNEPSignal-to-Noise Enhancement Program (US Navy)
SNEPSociété Normande d'Emballages Plastique (French: Norman Society of Plastic Packaging; France)
SNEPSierra Nevada Ecosystem Project
SNEPSyndicat National de l'Edition Phonographique (Paris, France)
SNEPSaudi Naval Expansion Program
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We here compare the number of exchanged messages in KMMR to share LBKs and PWKs with those of both LEAP [28] and SNEP [26].
It was announced later that the SNEP share will resume trading in the Casablanca stock exchange.
2008) con respecto a la responsabilidad e involucramiento directos de los actores locales para construir la estructura necesaria para responder a evaluaciones de gran escala como el SNEP en Chile y el NCLB en Estados Unidos.
Effective implementation of SNEP would relieve future deployment stress on U.
In SNEP, they have used the MAC (CBC-MAC) function to generate the key.
The area of study in the SNEP assessment was the entire geographical region of the Sierra Nevada.
SNEP reports that in 1996 revenues went down by less than half a percentage point, even as actual units sold were up 5.
Mandated by Congress, SNEP enlisted 120 researchers at a cost of $6.
SNEP is an application-level protocol suitable for sending or receiving messages between two NFC-enabled devices.
Les meilleures performances, durant ce meme trimestre, ont ete enregistrees par Jet Contractors, Sonasid, SNEP et IB Maroc avec des hausses respectives de +119,7%, +85,4%, +50,9% et finalement +44,4%.
This federal funding will help the federal government and local partners take a strategic, scientific-based approach to protecting and improving the health of the Bay and the waters that feed into it," said Senator Reed, a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, who spearheaded efforts in Congress to establish and fund the SNEP for Coastal Watershed Restoration.
250 DH), Salafin (-1,61 % a 551 DH), Samir (-1,57 % a 250 DH) et SNEP (-1,36 % a 181,95 DH).