SNIA-CTPStorage Network Industry Association-Conformance Testing Program
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The SNIA-CTP encompasses both the management software and hardware infrastructure, bringing the industry closer to providing IT users with trusted storage management solutions that help ease their management complexity.
Linked from the SNIA-CTP pages for conformant providers, these vendor sites provide useful information for installing and configuring SMI-S support for conformant products.
These changes are expected to greatly increase the participation of the vendors in the SNIA-CTP program.
HCL's significant contribution to the SNIA-CTP program since the beginning of the 2003 initiative and the company's support at all critical milestones have been instrumental in faster adoption of the SMI-S Standard," said Ed von Adelung, Chair, Interoperability Committee, SNIA.
The SNIA-CTP program continues to evolve through the cooperation of vendors like McDATA, and others developing tests for fabric and switches for SMI-S v1.
The results of the SNIA-CTP for client applications offer yet another proof point that AppIQ is the undisputed leader in delivering standards-based management of heterogeneous storage infrastructure," said Ash Ashutosh, AppIQ Chief Technical Officer.
The first vendors to pass the SNIA-CTP SMI-S Client suite for storage management applications include AppIQ, Inc.
According to the SNIA, products that pass the SNIA-CTP for SMI-S deliver the benefits of standardized management.