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SNIBSkills Needs in Britain (employment survey; UK)
SNIBScramble Net Interface Board (hardware)
SNIBSerum-Neutralization Test for Infectious Bronchitis
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Debido a la procedencia de los datos y sus diferentes formatos, es necesario revisar y estandarizar la informacion de cada una de las bases para que sean compatibies con el SNIB.
Guaymas-Coleccion de 210801-3 Vertebrados Comision Nacional para el SNIB 4 16863, 49733, Conocimiento y Uso de la 60819,77697 Biodiversidad, Sistema Nacional de Informacion sobre Biodiversidad (CONABIO) Universidad Autonoma de UAQ 13 S/ numero de Queretaro, Lab.
David Snibs, 22, from Killingworth, who has known John since school, said: "His life was just about to turnaround for the better when he got that phone call from Nissan.
She performed elaborate rituals of checking and rechecking, the bolts and chains, the snibs and catches, the nails in every window, as if the house would take any opportunity to throw itself open to strangers.
Ordinary wool garments, even handmade ones, leave little snibs and puffs all through the brush on our farm, and must be treated like invalids.
The transfer window closes on Friday and Jefferies will be delighted if he snibs it shut without his phone having rung.
Diane added: "There were two snibs on the window but one of them was hanging off and actually fell out the window with Kayla.