SNICSingapore National Institute of Chemistry
SNICSnow and Ice Clearance
SNICSnow & Ice Control
SNICSub-Network Independent Convergence (functions)
SNICStandard Network Interface Card
SNICSyndicat National des Industries de La Cloture (French: National Union of Fence Industries)
SNICSuperior National Insurance Company
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SNIC has a strong level of risk-adjusted capitalisation, resulting from a low underwriting leverage and a relatively conservative investment strategy.
For more than 10 years, SNIC Insurance has provided a broad spectrum of business insurance products, employee benefit plans and causalities/liabilities to Bahrain-based private and public sector companies.
The sources said fee for SNIC in normal category would be reduced to Rs.
The addition of MATLAB and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server to SNIC opens up this high-performance computing infrastructure to thousands of researchers across Sweden, said Peter Munger, associate scientific director of the National Supercomputer Centre at Linkoping University, one of the six SNIC centers.
We appreciate the trust and confidence that BAC has extended to SNIC, which we have earned through the level of service provided to all our loyal and long-term clients," said SNIC general manager Khalid Al Shaikh.
To further facilitate the pensioners, NADRA and EOBI agreed to offer the SNIC free of cost and the processing shall be done in the executive category, Tariq disclosed.
The SNIC based system is designed to disburse the pension close to the pensioner location and facilitate them to avoid long queues or wait.
The system is dynamic and fully- integrated to better help SNIC manage the full lifecycle of all our general insurance functions and services,' he said.
In 2015, SNIC reported a net loss of BHD 282,000 ($754,000).
S&P rates SNIC above the sovereign credit rating on its domicile, Bahrain, since majority of SNIC's invested assets are held outside the country of domicile.
Tariq Malik said that upon any accidental death of SNIC holder, State Life would pay the said benefit to NADRA for onward submission to a person nominated by cardholder.
I must appreciate NADRA for SNIC introduction which apart from providing various benefits also allows transparency of different functions by the government and ensure strict security and prevent frauds related to identity thefts," said Rehman Malik.