SNIDStudies in National and International Development (Queen's University; Canada)
SNIDSud Nivernais Imphy Decize (French soccer club)
SNIDSub-National Immunisation Days
SNIDSubscriber Network Interface Device (General Instruments)
SNIDSystème National d'Information et de Documentation (French: National Information and Documentation System; Morocco)
SNIDSavoie Net Industrie et Divers (French cleaning company)
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It has also been decided in the meeting that SNID would be prepared from June 4 to June 6, 2012.
Similarly, in 2013, a total of 15 supplementary immunization activities were conducted nationwide including four (4) NIDs, seven (7) SNIDs and four (4) SIADs, attaining an overall reported coverage of 104 % by vaccinating about 259 million children.
Although the implementation of activities is primarily the domain of respective provinces and districts, the monitoring structures created at provincial and district level facilitated implementation of different kinds of Supplemental Immunization Activities such as (NIDs, SNIDs, SIADs, Case Response) in the country in light of epidemiology and presence of the virus.
This round of SNIDs campaign will start on 12 April and continues for 3 days.
The Deputy Commissioners and DPOs of the respective districts have been requested to monitor coordinate and provide necessary security to the field staff during the SNIDs, he maintained.
During the briefing DHO said that for SNIDs there are total 109 polio teams including 99 mobile teams, five fixed teams and five polio teams are recruited at transit points.
These SNIDs are extremely crucial as the country remains to be among the very few that are yet to eradicate polio, said the Manager of EPI - Sindh.
They administered polio drops to children and a briefing on SNIDs preparation was given by DHO Dr.