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SNIPEScalable Networked Information Processing Environment (Tennessee)
SNIPESoviet Naval Interdiction Possibilities, Europe
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Clayton's only response was a shrug of the shoulders, but as he left them he picked up the spear which had transfixed Snipes, and thus primitively armed, the son of the then Lord Greystoke strode into the dense jungle.
Okay, no doubt you've heard of the snipe hunting gag and the term "bag" limit even reinforces the idea of the joke because the novice is supposed to catch the birds at night in a bag or pillow case while the guys playing the joke leave him alone in the swamp, but snipe are real birds and truly fun to pursue in the daytime.
We know little about the status of Jack Snipe in Britain, as they feed in muddy ditches on farmland, flying only when you approach closely.
Objectives: The project s main objective is to halt the decrease and enhance the population of the great snipe in the upper Narew valley, the second most important site for the species in Poland.
She found that PC Snipe was hit by a brick while responding to a pub disturbance in Birmingham city centre in July 1897, which resulted in a change in the design of police helmets.
Terming Oman a reliable US partner, ron D Snipe said it is good (for the US) that the Sultanate's ties with Iran are excellent.
During the meeting, Snipe pointed out that Bulgaria is no longer on the US list of countries printing forged bills and threatening the US dollar.
When the RSPB first took over management of the reserve in 2005, there were just five pairs of lapwings, one pair of redshanks and no snipe at Saltholme, but thanks to a massive conservation effort, last year there were 57 pairs of lapwings, 23 pairs of redshanks and two pairs of snipe.
Snipe, 76, a self-made millionaire, had recently been concentrating on building up the reputation of Barnby Manor Stud on his palatial Nottinghamshire estate.
Keywords: waterfowl, lead shot, non-toxic shot, impoundments, common snipe.
Inconsistencies between these studies and the conclusion that earthworms are relatively unimportant in the diet of wintering snipe probably occurred because they included gizzard contents in diet composition analysis.