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SNOTELSnowpack Telemetry
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They are also developing a technology to allow a user to access a wider range of climate records, including NRCS SNOTEL data, to improve high-elevation climate generation.
Second, seeds sown in 2007 for transplantation into seedling plots suffered low germination rates, potentially because of the hot dry weather that summer (based on SNOTEL data for nearby Schofield Pass, CO).
One-winter RSF models--Snow depth in 2005 averaged 87% of normal, ranging 82-90% at 4 SNOTEL sites distributed across the mountain range.
His Snowmelt Runoff Model (SRM) uses climate-change algorithms, imagery of snowpacks from National Aeronautics and Space Administration satellites, and data from ground-based SNOTEL sensors in 11 western states to measure water levels.
Proximal SNOTEL sites operated by the USDA and the State of Montana are situated at elevations high enough to provide the needed maximum and minimum temperature and snowdepth data to estimate rate and timing of ice-margin loss as observed in the aerial photos.
2010, Beartooth Lake, Wyoming, SNOTEL site 326, National Water and Climate Center, U.