SNPUSchool Nutrition Programs Unit (California Department of Education)
SNPUSeoul National Polytechnic University (Korea)
SNPUShu Ning Presentation Unit
SNPUSafer Neighbourhoods Parks Unit (UK)
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The Tryzub (Trident) paramilitary organization was established by the Stepan Bandera Sports-Patriotic Association following the example set by UNA-UNSO, DSU and SNPU who had earlier established paramilitary formations.
The SNPU has always been well funded which has raised two suspicions about the source of its financial base.
A equipe da SNPU, considerando a competencia municipal para o planejamento e gestao do solo urbano, elaborou uma estrategia de apoio e fomento as acoes municipais no ambito do planejamento territorial e politica fundiaria por meio de politicas e acoes complementares.