SNRCSomalia National Reconciliation Conference
SNRCSierra Nevada Research Center (US Forest Service)
SNRCState Nuclear Regulatory Committee (Ukraine)
SNRCSakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre
SNRCSyndicat National des Radios Commerciales (French: National Union of Commercial Radio)
SNRCSocial Norms Research Centre
SNRCService Node Routing Complex (AT&T SoIP network)
SNRCSubsystem Normal Routing Control
SNRCSyndicat National de Restauration Collective (French: National Syndicate of Food Collective)
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In research using flammable additives for SNRC nitrogen oxides concentration was lower from 68,4% up to 72,5% depends to type and amount of gases used.
Super oxide anion Elastase release SNR ** *** SNRC *** ** SNRB ** ** SNRW * SNL ** *** SNLH *** ** SNLM *** ** Note: Table made from bar graph Table 1 Inhibitory effects of compounds from S.
Such w is duet to SNRC recording stations used within the SEJS-NET system, whose parameters give possibility of fine-tuning in accordance to the kind of vibration of interest.
Records collected by SNRC stations are transmitted through Internet to the Central Measuring Database (CMD), the main administrative centre.
ST is a founding member of the SNRC along with 3Com, Bosch, Cisco, Mandala Networks and Sony.
Last week, Stanford faculty, staff and students attended a special inauguration ceremony hosted by the SNRC.
ST is already conducting active development programs in networking ICs and technologies; it will soon establish a working force within the SNRC and organize a new internal R&D team.
Andrea Cuomo, ST's Corporate Vice-President for Advanced Systems Technologies, who championed ST's participation to the SNRC, added: "SNRC's programs will encompass the full spectrum of the networking domain.
The second acquisition involves the Eastmain-2 Property (Township SNRC 33B03), contiguous on the south side to the gold-bearing discovery made jointly by Virginia Gold Mines and Diabior Resources.