SNRTSinus Node Recovery Time (time it takes heart's sinus node to recover from stress)
SNRTSpecial Needs Resource Team (US DoD)
SNRTStandardized Norm-Referenced Testing
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Concernant le contrat-programme, des discussions sont en cours entre la presidence de la SNRT et le ministere de la communication.
En cuanto a la participacion de las emisoras en la muestra, esta se reparte de la forma siguiente: ERTU (25,6%, 95 piezas), Syria Channel (18,6%, 69), RAI 1 (15,6%, 58), ENTV (12,9%, 48), TVE 1 (9,7%, 36), SNRT A1 Aoula (9,7%, 36), France 2 (5,1%, 19) y BBC One(2,7%, 10).
In order to promote the spread of digital terrestrial TV, SNRT is now working on more projects, for which NEC has supplied an order for 10 digital terrestrial TV transmitters to 9 major local cities in Morocco in March 2007.
With multiple products integrated together into a single HD workflow at its headquarters in Rabat, the EVS news production infrastructure will enable efficient content ingest, creation, management, editing and playout for SNRT.
Producer-director Nabil Ayouch has one of the strongest track records, including an impressive series of 42 TV movies, produced for SNRT.
The other source of onshore finance for Moroccan film discussed here issues from SNRT, Moroccan Television's Channel One, which funds a number of films every a year in return for rights to television broadcast, local cinema screenings and DVD distribution.
Jusqu'a present, on n'a pas encore pu acceder aux locaux sinistres pour evaluerl'etat des lieux[beaucoup plus grand que], nous a indique dans une declarationa Al Bayane Hafida Mesdouri, responsable des Archives a la SNRT.
Communication minister, government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi met, on Tuesday in Moscow, with deputy managing director of news agency Rossia Segodnia and other officials on prospects for establishing partnerships between the Russian agency, the Moroccan news agency MAP and Radio and TV company SNRT.
La commission a decide, lors de sa reunion de mercredi, de reporter la presentation de ses rapports sur la SNRT, 2M et la chaEne regionale de Laayoune devant la Commission de l'education, de la Communication et de la Culture, apres l'emergence de grandes divergences au sein de ladite commission suite aux attaques des parlementaires de l'Istiqlal, de l'USFP et du PAM contre El Haykar, accuse d'instrumentaliser des donnees desdits rapports pour fustiger la deuxieme chaEne.
Morocco's pubcasters, SNRT and 2M--jointly run by Stanford-educated Faical Laraichi--are major forces in local film and TV production.
aaaa The addendum was signed by Minister of Communication and Government Spokesman, Khalid Naciri, Minister of Finances, Salaheddine Mezouar, and SNRT Director General, Fayal Laraichi in the presence of the Chairman of the Royal Institute of the Amazigh Culture (IRCAM), Ahmed Boukouss .
Selon ces memes sources, la declaration de la faillite de la SNRT et son retour a son ancien statut semble le choix prefere par Laraichi et la direction de la societe.