SNSASlovenian Nuclear Safety Administration
SNSASeronegative Spondyloarthropathy
SNSASingapore National Stroke Association (Singapore)
SNSASoutheastern Natural Sciences Academy (Augusta, GA)
SNSAStudent Network Systems Administrator
SNSASupplemental Nursing Services Agency (Minnesota)
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SNSA will continue to own and expand its turbot and sole operations as Stolt Sea Farm, although the company's main business is transportation services for bulk liquid chemicals, edible oils, acids and other specialty liquids.
Agadi, President and Chief Executive Officer, Church's Doug Pendergrast, Chief Franchise Officer, Church's New Franchisees: Shan Ali of Kansas-based SNSA Inc.
Announcement of competition: Prequalification for snowing electronic auction for the purchase of electric power, Merker, Stjrdal, Frosta, Levanger, Verdal, Indery, Verran, Malvik, Tydal, Selbu, Snsa and Steinkjer, about 2,000 plants and about 130 GWh
SNSA) announced on Monday (20 March) an agreement in principle between Stolthaven Terminals BV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SNSA, and Oiltanking GmbH, a division of the German Marquard & Bahls AG.
SNSA currently owns 25% of Marine Harvest and Nutreco owns 75%.
SNSA said that it would receive some EUR54m of principal repayment on the shareholder loan plus accrued interest.
Depending on market conditions SNSA and Nutreco plan to sell a portion of their shareholdings in Marine Harvest in an initial public offering.
The Board of SNSA has decided to appoint Niels Gregers Stolt-Nielsen as the new Chairman of SSF.
SNSA expects to report a gain of some USD360m from the transaction in the first quarter 2005.
Stolt-Nielsen, chief executive of SNSA, said that the company was encouraged by the current outlook and the company's prospects for continued improvement.